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Fisherman, Ferryman, Sailor, Spy - the Diapers of Itchen Ferry
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Hichyn, a smaulle village on the est side: and hereof the trajectus is caullid Hichin-Ferry


c1540 John Leland, antiquarian

The museum contains a permanent display of the town’s maritime history and many of the artefacts have connections with the Diapers. Use this trail to take you around the museum, it will finish at the ‘Fisherman, Ferryman, Sailor, Spy – The Diapers of Itchen Ferry’ exhibit.

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MignonetteThis is the only known painting of the Mignonette now owned by Barbara Boon from Yarmouth whose grandfather's cousin (Thomas Hall) was the solicitor who owned the boat from 1875-1882.

They had trouble finding a crew because the repairs on the boat were bodged.

Apparently, the wood around the stern was rotten and was repaired using screws instead of the copper bolt.

The man who was called in to make the repairs objected but nonetheless did the job as instructed.

He said later that he would carry his guilt to the grave.

"I just wonder whether there isn't some kind of debt to pay over the loss of Richard Parker, the death of Dudley (who was honest about the whole affair) and the guilt of the old boat builder." says Barbra.

"And I wonder what Dudley's descendents feel and what do his children feel as they grew up surrounded by such a haunting story?"