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The Diaper Heritage Association has put together a comprehensive family tree with over 5000 entries and 400 photographs this is available in both book form and disk format, you can also order copies of Southampton in Song which has recordings of historic folk songs such as ‘Poll of Itchen Ferry’ and the free trail leaflet.

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Access to Archives

the UK archives network -

Beken of Cowes

Bitterne Local History Society

Holds artefacts and information on Bitterne Diapers -

Camper & Nicholson, Hampshire Record Office

104M97 Title deeds of C&N property in Gosport

38M98 Letter books 1892-1922; Americas Cup correspondence; yacht registers, 1836-1968

79M98 Plans and blueprints of C&N vessels, 1919-1925

Classic Boat Museum

Daily Echo

This is Hampshire – Family History

Ellis Island

The American Family Immigration History Center -


directory listings – local history

Hampshire Archives on line catalogue CALM

Sample archives:

  • 1553B/14 Will, Inventory William Diaper of Kimpton, Hants
  • 1556U/23 Will, Inventory, Bond John Diaper of St Barthol Hyde, Winchester, husbandman
  • 1576B/020 Will, Inventory Robert Diaper of St Mary, husbandman
  • 1666P/11 Will of Richard Diaper of Weston, yeoman
  • 1677AD/029 Inventory Thomas Diaper of Meonstoke, husbandman
  • 1680AD/031 Inventory of John Diaper of Corhampton, miller
  • 1690P/13 Will, Inventory William Diaper of Weston, yeoman
  • 1717P/14 Will of Thomas Diaper of Weston, husbandman
  • 1760AD/22 Administration of John Diaper of Itchen Abbas, blacksmith
  • 21M65/D4/1760/18 Bond for the administration of the estate of John Diaper of Itchen Abbas, blacksmith
  • 1773A/026 Will of Rice Diaper of Portsmouth, Customs Officer
  • 1778A/028 Will of Elizabeth Diaper of Newton Stacey
  • 1779B/18 Will of Frances Diaper of Portsmouth, widow
  • 1783AD/13 Administration of James Diaper of Bury, Alverstoke, wheelwright
  • 21M65/D4/1783/12 Bond for the estate of James Diaper of Bury, Wheelwright
  • 1796A/24 Will of Thomas Diaper of Hamble, Innkeeper
  • 1802P/08 Will of Ann Diaper of Bury Alverstoke, widow
  • 1814B/16 Will of Mark Diaper of Itchen Ferry, Gentleman
  • 1820B/18 Will, administration, guardianship of Mark Diaper of St Mary Extra, mariner
  • 1823A/22 Will of Elizabeth Diaper of Portsea, widow
  • 1848A/034 Will of Frances Diaper of Albion Place, Southampton
  • 1848B/026 Will Administration of Mark Diaper of St Mary Extra, Mariner
  • 21M65/C9/247 Cause papers: Frances Diaper v Mark Diaper, a minor (testamentary, Mark Diaper of Itchen in the parish of St Mary Extra, Southampton)
  • 21M65/D2/92 Instructions for will of Mark Diaper
  • 106M87/C58 Probate copy of the will of Henry Diaper of Droxford, cordwainer 1822, proved 1831
  • 106M87/C175 Probate copy of the will of William Smart aka Diaper of Droxford, labourer 1858, proved 1861
  • 117A02/4 Removal order of Ursula Diaper from Soberton to Catherington May 1755
  • 109M82/30 Copy judgement of the Court of King’s Bench for action to be discontinued in a plea of trespass and ejectment brought by Richard Right, plaintiff, against James Wright, esq., Francis Holland, Peter Lee, John Diaper the elder, John Diaper the younger, Roger Coleman, Thomas Steelman and Thomas Champ, defendents, 1745
  • 109M82/31 Brief for the defence in the case of Edward Poore, esq., plaintiff, against John Diaper, the younger, defendent tried at Winchester Assizes 5 Aug 1746
  • 25M84/PO21/10 Bastardy examination of John Diaper of Itchen Ferry, mariner 1834
  • 106M87/A13/ 6 Marriage settlement between John Smith of Titchfield, carpenter, and Ann Diaper of Wickham 2 nov 1803
  • Q29/4/26 Appeal papers: John Diaper of Southampton v the Justices at the General Licensing Sessions in Southampton – renewal of the license of The George, Itchen, St Mary Extra, Easter 1903

History of the Henry Diaper Company

ITN Archive

Commander Bird private collection

BGY40818003 – England Sport Day 1942/3

BGY407230007 – 1938 Park Place & South Coast

BGY407240013 – 1939 Park Place

BGY407170003 – Yachting in Solent 1932

J Class yachts

National Archives

Pear Tree Church

Port Cities website of historic photographs

The Operations Book

The Operations Book for the Royal South Hants Hospital is held at Southampton Archives.

Several Diapers were treated in the hospital: 

1867 Elizabeth Diaper aged 34 cured of ulcer of uteri and haemorrhoids

1867 Fanny Diaper aged 34 cured of haemorrhoids

1867 Joseph Diaper aged 36 cured of a leg ulcer

1864 Joseph Diaper aged 48 haemorrhage from rectum, secured but died after discharge

1863 Thomas Diaper aged 48 fell from a bowsprit onto a hard and fractured cervical, died after 2 days (cross referencing this entry with the Diaper family tree, it would seem this Thomas Diaper was the father of Tommy 'Dutch' Diaper and grandfather of the author of Tom Diaper's Log.

1861 Thomas Diaper aged 14, debility cured in 28 days.

The New York Passenger Lists

The New York Passenger Lists are now available from


SS St Paul Southampton to New York May 9th 1903. Passengers as follows: George Parker, sea captain; Daniel Diaper, William Clarke, Thomas Diaper, William Diaper, Arthur Diaper, Mark Diaper, William Masters, George Parker Jnr, William Limerick, Charles Whittle, Michael Fish, all sailors. It is likely that as Shamrock was taken to the East Coast at the end of May to start trials before the Americas Cup that they were to take part in these races. Some are also listed as having gone to New York in 1901 and 1902. George Parker also went out in 1895 on the SS Saale with Robert Diaper and in 1899 on the SS New York with Daniel Parker, Henry Light, Thomas Light, Edward Diver, Alfred Miller, John Shergold, Fred Parkins, James Diaper and Alfred Diaper. (courtsey of Pat Hammerstein)

The Getty Collection

The Getty collection of pictures has also turned up pictures of Herbert Diaper, whose photo appeared in the 1939 Picture Post article on yacht racings.


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Herbert Diaper appears on:

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