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Diaper Heritage Goes World Wide

The Diaper Heritage Association has just launched a brand new web site thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund and The Lapworth Consultancy Ltd.


Since its foundation just two years ago the family history society has gone from strength to strength having over 300 members across the world in Australia, Canada, The United States, South Africa, and Europe. Many members are making the trip to the UK this year to see the Diaper exhibition: Fisherman, Ferryman, Sailor, Spy. The exhibition is being staged at the Southampton Maritime Museum from July 14th.


For those who can’t make the trip however the new web site will give them a chance to still be involved. Those who log on can take a virtual trip around the Diaper Heritage Trail and a virtual trip around the exhibition as well as having access to research material and to the members’ forum.


The development of this web site has been something of a departure from our usual consultancy work but the Lapworth Consultancy were very keen to support this community project says Lapworth HR Director Sue Diaper who persuaded company directors to get involved.


To visit the site and find out about the history of the sailing Diapers and the events planned for the next twelve months log onto


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