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No 3 November 2005

Exhibition Update

The Dates of the ‘Diapers of Itchen Ferry’ exhibition have been extended and the exhibition will now run from July 2006 until March 2007 as it is seen as a key event for the museum service. The assistant curator of the museum service, Rachel Wragg, will be the lead officer and will start work formerly on the exhibition in November. The organising committee have been working on a number of funding applications so that we can enhance the exhibition and organise an events programme of talks, walks, theatre & performances to run along side the formal exhibition at the maritime museum. We also hope to produce a promotional and Diaper trail featuring sites with Diaper connections.


The exhibition itself will have several sections including: looking at the early history of the Ferry village and Diaper family, the ferry. life in the 19 th and early 20 th century in the village, sailing and ships, the life of the captains. There will also be a Diaper trail around the museum linking Diapers to the permanent exhibition.


We hope that as well as interviewing people for the oral history programme we will also have the resources to film as well.


What we still need to do is come up with a snappy title for the exhibition – a bottle of bubbly is available to whoever comes up with the best name!!!

Family Tree

The tree now stands at 3,200 entries and we will be sending letters out soon to ask for help in filling in some of the gaps, so please send in details and if you can include copies of marriage/birth/death certificates and photos it will all help to enhance the final tree. We have been gathering information on options for printing the tree both for the exhibition and to produce copies for those working on family genealogy.

Help Wanted

We have areas of research that we would like help with, if anyone is interested in researching some of the topics below please let us know:


The Harkaway Trophy – history of & possibilities of loaning the trophy

The Camper & Nicholson archive

The house on Hamble Square & links with the Diapers

Visiting Shamrock Quay to see if Doyle’s sail makers are still there and still have a Shamrock sail bag

One for the real historians – checking the copyholders of Itchen Ferry in the Bishop’s fines books at the county record office

Following up leads about Commander Bird and the Harkaway picture

Following up a lead with the archivist at the Pinkerton Detective Agency

Data inputting helping to put entries into the family tree

Follow up calls , ringing round some of those who registered at Diaper Day to get clarification on some of the information submitted


A successful application has been made to Southampton City Council for a start up grant of £500. Further applications are being made to the Heritage Lottery, SEMLAC and Awards for All but we do need to raise some monies ourselves. We have set a target of £1500 out of a total budget of around £50,000 which is the sort of sum we need if we are to achieve an exciting exhibition, promotional material, events, education programme and publications. To date the cost for research, telephone calls, postage, the Diaper Day, newsletters, software for the family tree etc have been met from the individuals on the organising committee. We have received a few donations but do need some more, so if you can make a donation or run a fund raising event, we would be grateful. Donations should be made payable to the Diaper Heritage Association. 


Some members may have businesses or work for companies who are looking for community events to sponsor. We can offer opportunities to sponsor the exhibition, the promotional leaflet, the exhibition guide, the events programme and the educationprogramme. Sponsorship programmes are available in £500, £1000, & £5000 packages, benefits to sponsors include company name/logo on promotional material, opportunities for receptions and private events at the maritime museum, press & public relations and the opportunity to reach some 50,000 users of the museum.

Events Programme

There may be those among you who already give talks on linked subjects that may be suitable to add into the events programme so please let us know


Offers of help & items linked to genealogy contact Angie on 023 80602195 or email or write to 31 New Road, Fair Oak, Eastleigh SO50 8EN


Sponsorship, fundraising, contact Cheryl on 023 80 222482 or email