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No 14 October 2007

New Publication!!

After 30 interviews and over 60 hours of recording the Diaper Oral History project has been completed! The material has been archived at the Oral History Unit, Tower House, Town Quay, Southampton tel 023 80 635904 to arrange a visit if you want to listen to the originals.

The Association has produced a book containing written extracts from the interviews plus many never before seen photographs. The book is called ‘We Only Wore Shoes on a Sunday” and runs to over 100 pages. It is in colour, A4 in size and also includes a disk of the film originally produced for the ‘Fisherman, Ferryman’ exhibition which has around 15 minutes of original film and pictures, songs and interviews. There are sections on village life, schooling, maritime experiences, work, and the effects of the war.

Copies are available the secretary at £5 per copy + £2 pp within the UK, overseas postage will be charged at current cost - an ideal Christmas present!

Other Publications

We have now sold out of all the Cd’s that were originally produced and The Diaper Family Tree Volume II book. We have 3 copies of volume I left, and we can continue to order Vol I in batches of 12 until the end of Nov 2008 if necessary. For Vol II we need to achieve 50 orders before the printers will reprint, so instead we are looking into costs of a composite DVD with up to date family tree information plus report book, however to run this on your computer you will need 1GB of ram to view the data with ease.

We have also put together an index of individuals for the family tree Volume II book, which is available at £6 (which includes £2p&p, for overseas post will be charged at the current postal cost), and is available now, cheques to be made payable to Diaper Heritage Association and sent to address at the bottom of the newsletter with your contact details.

We still have copies of the Last Marquis which tells the history of Itchen Ferry in the 19th century, £5 available from Angie.

Orders to Angie at (or to the address below)

Reference copies of all our publications will also be placed in the Southampton Archives, County Archives, Bitterne Local History Society and Southampton Library special collection, as part of our archiving process later this year.


We hope later in the year to put more genealogical information on the website.
The family tree is still growing and we are still receiving new data, and we are now looking at other areas outside of Hampshire with the hope of linking up Diaper families from Wiltshire, Suffolk and even London. Julie has put a list up on the Diaper Heritage website forum board of people we are still looking to link up, so if you get the chance have a look as see if you recognise any of the names and can help to link them to our rather large and ever growing family tree. We are also looking at the earliest part of the family tree to see if we can tidy up some of the loose ends so we are looking into the early Diaper wills from Hampshire to see what other family information can be gained from them. PHOTOGRAPHS - We are still inputting photo’s of individuals, so if anyone has pictures that they wish us to add please forward to Julie Barker at or contact Angie Turtle.


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