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‘The Search for John Diaper’

Family historians story of ‘lost’ Titanic survivor

Family historians researching into the history of the Diaper family in preparation for an exhibition at Southampton Maritime Museum last year solved the mystery of ‘missing’ Titanic crew member J Diaper. John’s story along with that of other surviving local crew will be told at 7pm on 28 th February as a ‘drama-documentary’ being staged at Tudor Merchants Hall as part of the Diaper Heritage project


It is well known that a J Diaper signed on for that fateful voyage in April 1912 as a fireman and that by some miracle he survived; but for years Titanic historians tried to identify who J Diaper was and what happened to him after the tragedy.


Unusual though the name of Diaper is generally, in Southampton it is a well known family, a family where almost all the adult males went to sea, and who used and re-used popular family first names such as John, Thomas, William and Mark. There were at least three candidates who could have fitted the bill for the Titanic fireman..


In the course of compiling a family tree which now stands at nearly 6,500 entries the Diaper family finally confirmed that John Joseph Diaper did indeed sail on the Titanic and lived to tell the tale.


John’s story can be found on the Diaper Assocation here or by visiting the Southampton Maritime Museum until 4th March or by booking a place for

‘The Search for John Diaper’ on Feb 28, 7pm at Tudor Merchant’s Hall, West Gate St, Southampton.


To reserve your place at the dramatised talk Tel 023 80 715105