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A collection of free and subscription based Genealogy websites and resources.

Free & Subscription Genealogy Websites
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Free to search index of Births, Deaths and Marriages from 1837 to 1983. This is an on going project and is still be updated at regular intervals.

Free to search Census records from 1841 to 1891 (not 1881) This is an ongoing project and is still being updated at regular intervals.

This is the Church of the Latter Day Saints website. It is Free to search. Unfortunately a lot of the data has been submitted by people and has not been checked and verified.

This site is free to search but if you wish to view any record in more detail then you have to PAY TO VIEW.

Subscription by annual membership is required. Approx cost 10. People can put their family trees up on this site and get to decide who they allow access to view the tree. You can send messages to other members without your email address being given out unless you decide to give it.

This is a PAY TO VIEW site. It has copies of the Birth, Death and Marriage indexes upto 2003. You Can also view the 1861 and 1891 census, as well as Overseas records for British subjects. To search is is free.

This site is Free to view, but have recently changed some of their facilities. The down fall is that anyone can access you tree and copy you data without your permission.

You need to click on the community heading and and access the message boards. You can search by Surname or by Country. the messages here are from people all over the world. It is Free to use.

This is a searchable database. It Is Free to use. Some parts of the information displayed is from other people also researching their family history.

Only some parts of this site are free to view, unfortunately the majority of the site is only viewable by way of an annual subscription. which is quite expensive. The site holds quite a wide range of records, Cencus, BMD Indexes, etc.